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Belfast Punk Music Walking Tour

Belfast punk music holds a special place in music history, near and far. Take this walking tour to explore the story of punk music on Belfast’s streets, with a passionate punk music loving guide, who saw live back in the late 1970s the city’s best-known bands, including The Outcasts, Rudi, Stiff Little Fingers, Ruefrex, Victim, etc – and loves today’s punk bands too.

The story of 1970s punk and the Good Vibrations record shop and label run by Terri Hooley, has been dramatised in the ‘Good Vibrations’ film and in a theatrical production by the Lyric Theatre Belfast.

On the walk, you will explore Belfast to see where the legendary sites in the 1970s punk story were, including where the Good Vibrations record shop first opened, and where the Harp Bar and The Pound stood. You will also visit the city’s music hub, the Oh Yeah Music Centre, for a guided look around the fascinating punk memorabilia and artefacts in the display cabinets of its NI Music exhibition. You’ll hear about punk collectives in Belfast from the 1980s to now, including The Anarchy Collective, Warzone and Giro’s. Your guide will paint a picture of a night out in Hill Street back in 1979, sharing her own stories of punk gigs back then - as well as introducing you to a few of the excellent punk bands performing today.

A soundtrack of punk music will be played at each stop, including ‘70s tracks by Rudi, The Outcasts, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones and more, as well as tracks by contemporary punk-linked bands such as Problem Patterns, Wood Burning Savages, Gender Chores and Cherym.

This walking tour offers a great opportunity to see many of the places in Belfast where the action took place, with music and stories of punk bands then and now along the way.  MEET AT THE GO PETROL STATION, 120 GREAT VICTORIA STREET.

Belfast Punk Music Walking Tour
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