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Creative Tours Belfast

Discover more of Belfast  

What Creative Tours Belfast Offers

Explore Belfast with an experienced  local tour guide. We offer guided walks or can guide your coach group.  Let us show you the real Belfast, the special spots off the beaten track, on creative tours that will be good craic (fun) and  help you to get the most out of your time in this fine city. We have a particular passion for and knowledge of the city's music. There are dates pre-set for music walking tours. But if those dates don't suit you or your group, a private tour at a date and time to suit  you, tailored especially around your interests, can be arranged at a competitive rate. 

What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Knowledge

Your guide Dolores is a qualified and insured Belfast Green Badge Tourist Guide.  A passionate local music fan, she has particular expertise in the music heritage of Belfast and the current music scene across all genres. She has lived in Belfast for many years, knows its history inside out, and has worked in a range of industry sectors.  Her years of experience and acquired knowledge will be shared with you, along with a plethora of entertaining stories, as we take any walk through the city streets. 

Specialists in Music and the Arts

As a passionate local music fan, Dolores has particular expertise in the music heritage of Belfast and the current music scene across all genres. She sings in a choir and has experience of singing and drumming in a band. She has an in-depth knowledge of the city's music history and  of the contemporary scene. Dolores also loves the arts in general and enjoys sharing with tour guests her passion  for Belfast's writers, poets, filmmakers, artists, dancers, theatre  and more - as we explore our city.

Hidden Gem Destinations

Let us save you on research time by taking you directly to the parts of our city that will be of the most interest to you. The best music venues, the coolest arts centres, the less-well known but brilliant exhibition displays, iconic  buildings, historic 'entries' and new street art. Plus we can advise on what's on during your visit and good places to eat.  

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